Intimate Health

Feminine intimate health and aesthetics are vital aspects of a woman’s well-being and her ability to live a fulfilled life. Dryness, laxity, numbness and physical changes in a woman’s vagina occur as a normal part of ageing. While childbirth, menopause and genetics contribute to how a woman’s intimate parts change and can further cause complications such as sagging, a weak pelvic floor or protruding labia minora that impact her quality of life.

Nix & Tee offers specialised vaginal rejuvenation therapies that are clinically proven to help address concerns such as dryness, sagging, laxity and numbness through a combination of non-invasive treatments. As trained nurses, we hope to offer women a safe space to share their intimate concerns with us and help them on their journey to regaining their confidence and improving their general and intimate well-being.

Treatments include: