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Wellness month for men

More and more men are discovering the power of aesthetic treatments. At Nix&Tee we customise your aesthetic treatments to your unique needs. These treatments can boost your self-esteem, and give you a younger and more healthy-looking appearance. Treatments such as skin peels, needling and PRP are now helping men to look and feel their best. 

At Nix&Tee we believe in a full consultation with a skilled and highly qualified practitioner who can discuss your goals, concerns, and budget. Goals are part of a journey rather than a “quick fix” and this means exploring the various options available to you to achieve the best results.

Discover the power of Aesthetic Treatments

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Why our male clients choose us?

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Highly Qualified Practitioners


Technology/equipment based on clinical evidence

Warm and comforting environment

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We have combined our years of knowledge, training, and experience in both the medical and aesthetic field to offer you personalised care in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Nix & Tee want to develop a personalised relationship with each client in order to understand the entire person – inside and out. Each client is then given a personalised treatment plan to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Discover the power of Aesthetic Treatments

Book an appointment today to start your journey to healing and living a fulfilling life

Popular Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Chemical Peels

Chemical Resurfacing, also known as chemical peels, is a method of exfoliation that delivers even and controlled resurfacing. It removes the top dead layers of the skin that causes dullness and encourages healthy cell turnover for glowing smooth skin.

Skin Needling & PRP

Skin needling uses the power of controlled inflammation to restart and promote the skin’s natural rejuvenation abilities. it triggers the skin’s natural healing capability and boosts healthy collagen and elastin synthesis. Specialised serums or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are used with Skin Needling treatments to improve results.

Hair Removal or Reduction

Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal is ideal for back, shoulders, legs, and beard treatments. Nix&Tee uses the Exilite Intensive Pulse (IPL) device for hair reduction and hair removal. The device produces a broad spectrum of wavelengths, targeting the melanin in hair with the highest concentration at the root/follicle of the hair. This weakens the root and the hair falls out and is unable to re-grow in the same place.

What our clients say…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Sr Nix and Sr Tee, for the wonderful treatment I received at Nix and Tee Aesthetics. Upon arriving, my first impression was how aesthetically pleasing and professional looking the Clinic was. The overall atmosphere was one of calmness and compassion. After having my initial consultation, Sr Tee recommended I begin with the Permanent Facial Hair Removal. Having completed the recommended sessions, I have to say I am delighted with the results. I would highly recommend Nix & Tee, to anyone seeking a personalised and comprehensive experience, taking comfort from the fact that your best interests are their priority. Thank you to all at Nix and Tee Aesthetics.

Brenda Johnston


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