Uneven Skin Tone

We live our lives in high definition, that means no filters or retouching to hide behind. Whether you like makeup or love it, we would all prefer to have the confidence to go without it. Pigmentation can make us hide under layers of coverage and steal our inner glow.

Pigmentation is an umbrella term for skin discoloration concerns that are caused by abnormal melanin synthesis within the skin’s dermis. This can be brought on by various internal and external factors such as sun exposure, hormones, ageing, genetics or as a reaction to inflammation. Small to large irregular patches of darker skin start to appear as a result of these causes and if left untreated the pigmentation can spread.

Various treatment options are available at Nix & Tee for treating and managing pigmentation. We believe that identifying the exact cause of the discoloration is the first step towards designing your personalised treatment package.

Treatments include: