Guys, I always say you can tell a woman’s age by looking at her neck. And, my goodness, I am no exception. My face may be approaching 47 but my neck is about 107! So imagine my excitement when I was offered a free diagnostic skin analysis and IPL treatment from Nix and Tee.

But First….. About Nix & Tee

Nicolette Wepener and Turid Stacey are the founders of Nix & Tee. Their friendship, deep-seated love of helping people and years of experience as nurses serves as the inspiration behind Nix & Tee – an aesthetic and wellness clinic focused on encouraging women on their journey to achieving beauty, healing and living a fulfilling life.

Both Nicolette and Turid have spent many years in the private and public sector and have had the opportunity to gain in-depth experience in the Aesthetic industry as nurses, managers, trainers, and even midwifery. Through the years their interest has always been in the mental, physical and emotional journey that people undertake every day to find inner peace.

The Skin Analysis

Nix used an Aram Huvis APM Pro to do a thorough analysis of my skin. This incredible little machine takes high magnification images of skin, looking at the skins individual:

  • moisture levels

  • sebum levels

  • pores

  • the presence of acne or acne bacteria

  • melanin (causes pigmentation)

  • hemoglobin (vascular issues), and

  • wrinkles

It then gives a full diagnostic skin analysis, which as a trained skin care therapist, really surprised me. I expected my analysis would say I have a combination to normal skin. Instead, it showed my results as oily skin with lots of hemoglobin (vascular) and melanin (pigmentation) issues, especially in my neck.

Have a look at these images of my skin:

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