IPL therapy

At Nix & Tee we have chosen to use a multi-application Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device. This technology allows us to address various concerns such as pigmentation, vascular lesions, problematic skin, wrinkles, loss of firmness and can even be applied to remove unwanted hair. What makes IPL therapy so unique is its ability to effectively treat various concerns in different skin tones. This means we are able to accommodate more clients and help them achieve the results they want.

Skin Concerns

Light therapy is known to dramatically alleviate the signs of problematic skin by killing bacteria causing acne while calming inflammation at the same time. When set to a different wavelength the IPL technology is attracted to pigments in the skin – the light and heat from by the IPL break up the clusters of pigments that cause the pigmentation and is then naturally exfoliated or filtered out through the body. In the same way, IPL can also be used to treat vascular lesions. The controlled heat and light emitted through IPL therapy is also useful in treating ageing skin by stimulating healthy collagen production. Once the new collagen and elastin fibres start to form, wrinkles and sagging skin is visibly improved.

Hair Removal

This device is especially successful in the removal of unwanted hair. We are able to specifically set the device to a wavelength that is suitable to a client’s skin tone and hair type making it safer and more effective. The light, as with the treatment of pigmentation and vascular lesions, is attracted to pigment, however this time it’s the pigment in the hair. The light and heat energy are absorbed into the hair shaft where it damages the follicle. The repeated damage causes the follicle to die and unwanted hair is unable to grow back.

The number of treatments you will require depends on the treatment area and your specific concerns. After a thorough consultation, we will tailor a treatment plan that will help you achieve the results you desire. At least 4-6 treatments are required for best results.