Our health and well-being depend on our body’s natural ability to detox and eliminate waste product produced by cellular activity or toxic substances that we ingest or inhale. Our lymphatic system along with the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin work together to eliminate toxins from our body and keep us healthy.

If toxins build-up this can make us sick and even cause chronic illnesses. Stress, sickness, environmental exposure, unhealthy diets and lifestyle habits affect how well our bodies are naturally able to detox.

Following a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, regularly exercising and limiting your intake of alcohol, processed foods and lowering your exposure to environmental pollutants can help improve detoxifications.

At Nix & Tee, we support the process by offering targeted detoxification therapies that include vitamin therapy and lymphatic drainage to help your body improve its detoxification abilities.

Treatments include: