Introducing Nix & Tee Wellness and Aesthetics

Any journey, no matter how long or short, always begins with the first step. For many of us this could be the journey of improving our health, or the journey of finally addressing those external niggles that have made us feel insecure and kept us from realizing our dreams. The first (two) steps, in this instance, starts with the decision to actively do something and choose the right partner to help us along the way. This partner is the newly opened Nix & Tee Wellness and Aesthetic centre in Dainfern. Founded by Nicolette Wepner and Turid Stacey, this centre is dedicated to encouraging clients on their journey to achieving beauty, healing and living a fulfilling life.

Their friendship, intense interest in aesthetics, deep seated love of helping people and years of experience in the Aesthetic Industry and as nurses serve as the inspiration behind Nix & Tee. “Beauty is far more than just physical; it encompasses every facet of our being – body, mind and spirit. It’s therefore so important, when enhancing beauty, to look at the person. Only then, can you achieve positive change,” explains Nicolette.

Both Nicolette and Turid have spent many years in the private and public sector and have had the opportunity to gain in-depth experience as nurses, managers, trainers and even midwifery. They have often been part of significant life events and over the years they’ve developed an interest in the mental, physical and emotional journey that people undertake every day to find inner peace.

“There are misperceptions about what medical aesthetics is and how it differs to regular beauty treatments. It’s a holistic journey focused on the inner and outer being to achieve visible results and help you feel great,” says Turid.

The opening of this wellness and aesthetic centre is the summit of their own journey. Here they hope to help each new client realise their inner strength through personalised aesthetic treatments that heal, uplift and empower. This journey of self-actualisation is an ongoing process that is embedded in their vision for the centre and in its logo.

Nix & Tee will offer various aesthetic and therapeutic treatments aimed at enhancing their client’s inner beauty and improving their wellbeing. Comprehensive consultations form a fundamental part of the centre and serve as the under-pinning from which treatments are recommended. Skin needling, chemical resurfacing, redermalization, skin booster treatments and body contouring are just some of the aesthetic treatments that will be available to clients. In addition, Nix & Tee have also invested in the latest aesthetic technology to further complement their aesthetic and wellness services. The centre also offers the services of a Plastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Physician who consult and perform botulinum toxin injectables, dermal filler and threads.

Through the various treatment and therapies, Nix & Tee hope to create a sanctuary where everyone can feel loved, accepted, understood. A place where clients feel comfortable to address all the hidden imperfections which they perceive to have and allow Nix & Tee to help guide them through this process of bringing forth that which has always been there.

Women’s Intimate Health

The BTL Emsella is a device that have revolutionised the way we are able to treat intimate feminine health. A patient sits fully clothed on the Emsella chair for ± 30 minutes while High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology stimulates deep pelvic floor muscle rejuvenation. This therapy strengthens and restores the pelvic muscles that often loses its elasticity as we age or after child birth. “By restoring and strengthening these muscles through completely non-invasive manner we are able to improve a woman’s quality of life and that’s what Nix & Tee is all about,” says Nicolette.

Body shaping and fat reduction

Stubborn body fat that just won’t seem to budge can discourage even the most disciplined person. At Nix & Tee we have chosen a non-invasive and clinically proven treatment to help eliminate stubborn fat and cellulite while restoring the skin’s elasticity. The targeted vibrations emitted by the device enhances microcirculation and increases oxygen supply to the targeted area. This in turn improves blood supply and eliminates waste build-up for a smoother, tighter and more toned body. Non-invasive targeted body contouring and shaping therapies is an innovative way of helping patients of all ages achieve their goals.

Detoxification and well-being

The aesthetic and wellness centre also offer a targeted detoxification therapy that can be used to complement other treatments or as a stand-alone treatment to promote a healthy lifestyle. Lymphatic drainage can be especially beneficial to athletes and patients who would like to boost their body’s natural detoxification mechanism. Similar to this are targeted IV infusions that will be available at Nix & Tee. These customised treatments can be added as a complementary therapeutic treatment or used on its own to improve a patient’s health and well-being.

“Don’t look back, only look forward.”

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