About us

Nicolette Wepener and Turid Stacey are the founders of Nix & Tee. Their friendship, deep-seated love of helping people and years of experience as nurses serves as the inspiration behind Nix & Tee – an aesthetic and wellness clinic focused on encouraging women on their journey to achieving beauty, healing and living a fulfilling life.

Both Nicolette and Turid have spent many years in the private and public sector and have had the opportunity to gain in-depth experience in the Aesthetic industry as nurses, managers, trainers and even midwifery. Through the years their interest has always been in the mental, physical and emotional journey that people undertake every day to find inner peace.

Nix & Tee is the summit of their own journey. Here they hope to help each individual realize their inner strength through personalized aesthetic treatments that heal, uplift and empower. This journey of self-actualisation is an ongoing process that is embedded in their vision for the clinic and in its logo.

They wish to create a sanctuary where everyone can feel loved, accepted, understood and safe. A place where you feel comfortable to address all the hidden imperfections which you perceive to have and allow them to help guide you through this process.

In-depth consultations and building a relationship are at the heart of Nix & Tee and serves as the foundation of finding the best treatment for the individual client’s concern or needs. If necessary, they will refer clients to a team of trusted and respected doctors to assist with diagnostics and medical treatment.

Nix & Tee want to develop a personalised relationship with each client in order to understand the entire person – inside and outside. Each client is then given a personalised treatment plan to ensure their complete satisfaction.